Worklife balance: balances your personal and professional life to improve your health and well-being View larger

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Worklife balance: balances your personal and professional life to improve your health and well-being

Worklife balance: balances your personal and professional life to improve your health and well-being.

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  • What are the educational goals of the training course?

    This course of the Personal Development category aims to:

    • Provide the keys to balance personal and professional life, improve personal health and well-being, achieve greater job satisfaction and reach self-realization by taking care of all aspects of life.
    • Reflect on the practical application of the successful behaviours the competence in the day to day.

    Who is this course intended for?

    The course can be followed by any professional who wants to improve their quality of life balancing and reconciling the personal and professional. It is specially recommended for all those who work in stressful environments or with excessively demanding work rhythms. Besides, it is also recommended to all those who want to know the essential aspects of worklife balance to expand their knowledge about this competence or because they want to make a qualitative leap in their professional career.

    What professional competences will you develop during the course?

    Balancing personal and professional life requires putting into play a series of skills and behaviours that have a positive impact on personal health and well-being.
    In this course you will learn to:

    • Know your level of happiness, well-being and your personal needs.
    • Harmonize personal needs and professional life.
    • Make happiness fashionable.
    • Embrace Wellness: Be Wellness!
    • Determine the follow-up and consensus on the action plan.

    Who are the experts accompanying you on the training course? 


    Maite Sarrió GURU

    Doctor of Psychology and the founder of the Gender Consultancy Firm, INFINITA. She is currently lecturing on different programmes at businesses and universities: UJI Castellón (Agents of Equality Postgraduate Diploma), Universidad Politécnica Valencia, Florida (Citizenship School), FLACSO Argentina and the Latin American and Caribbean WIM Network in the Management of Organizations. She is also the coordinator of TEDxValencia.

    "Worklife Balance seeks a healthier and more efficient working environment and happier individuals."

    How can you enjoy this content?

    Self-development course

    InfoComplete course in multimedia format that combines theoretical concepts endorsed by the most prestigious authors, the most effective techniques and methods, and interactive resources of great pedagogical impact to know the competence, its benefits and key behaviours.
    Duration: 6 hours

    • Explanation of Maite Sarrió on the keys of worklife balance.
    • Making the student aware of the reasons why the development of this skill is recommended.



    • Introduction.
      • Reflect.
    • Definition of the skill.
      • Relevant authors.
      • Types of feedback.
    • Benefits of worklife balance.
      • Benefits for society.
      • Benefits for the individual and the company.
    • Policies that implement balance.
      • Linked to the organization of working time.
      • Linked to flexibility for family obligations.
      • Linked to the provision of services for family care.
      • Linked to the provision of services for personal development.
    • Important aspects to develop worklife balance.
    • Key behaviours to develop worklife balance.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction.
    • What is happiness?
      • Definitions of happiness.
      • The secret of work happiness according to Adecco.
      • Factors that trigger happiness.
    • Consequences of unhappiness.
      • Measure your gross inner happiness (GIH).
    • Key behaviours to know the level of happiness / well-being and personal needs.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction.
      • Reconciliation and responsibility.
    • Reconciliation.
      • Reconciliation measures.
      • How does the Equality Act affect businesses?
      • What kind of measures to support reconciliation are there?
    • Co-responsibility at home.
    • Self-care time and freedom.
      • Reflect.
    • Key behaviours to harmonize personal and professional needs.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction.
      • How to create happiness?
    • Recommendations for happiness.
      • Sonja Lyubomirsky's recommendations for long-lasting happiness.
      • Key issues according to Csíkszentmihályi.
    • Techniques of self-management and personal development.
      • Breath.
      • Mental and emotional self-control.
      • Smile and laugh out loud.
      • Impeccable communication.
        • Positive words.
        • Dangerous words.
      • Thank.
      • Forgive.
      • The art of prioritizing.
      • Meditate.
    • Key behaviours to make happiness fashionable.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction.
    • Well-being and wellness
      • Well-being and wellness VS traditional medicine.
      • A new paradigm.
    • Wellness in the company.
      • Dimensions of wellness.
    • Benefits of wellness.
    • How to apply wellness.
      • Behaviour for wellness.
    • Key behaviours for developing wellness.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember... Summary of key ideas.



    • Decalogue of good practices.
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