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Overcome interpersonal conflicts reinforcing your relationships

Enhance your ability to bring positions closer and reach agreements in difficult situations.

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  • What are the educational goals of the training course? 

    This course of the High Performance Teams category aims to:

    • Provide the keys for learning to improve personal relations and overcoming interpersonal conflicts that may come about in your daily life, knowing how to tell the difference between what is a conflict and what isn’t, determining what the cause of the conflict is and the effect that emotional aspects have a on generating, increasing and managing conflicts and how to solve them successfully.
    • Reflect on the practical application of the behaviour related to success regarding the skill in daily life.

    Who is this course intended for?

    It can be taken by any professional that wants to improve their interpersonal relationships in their daily lives. It is recommendable for people who live in environments in which there are opposed interests that could lead to conflicts, where there is a history of conflicts that have worsened relationships, cause tensions between members of a team or lower respects for other teams, etc. It is specifically recommended for people don’t handle conflicts well emotionally, either because they don’t know how to deal with them or because they are overly aggressive during any discussions. It is also recommended for people who want to improve their knowledge about the skill or because they want to give their career a qualitative boost.

    What professional competences will you develop during the course?

    Managing conflicts means having a set skills and behaviours that will allow you to overcome tense situations, reach agreements to consolidate relationships between colleagues and with third parties, helping to reach personal and professional goals.
    In this course you will learn to:

    • Identify the conflict.
    • Investigate and separate objective facts from the subjective.
    • Identify common ground.
    • Negotiate: win-win.
    • Generate commitment and monitoring.

    Who are the experts accompanying you on the training course?


    Antonio Fernández Aguado - GURU

    Expert in Human Resources with 25 years of professional experience. He has had a career as a Human Recourses Manager at Famosa, Hilti, Chemo or Saint Gobain, Valeo or SEUR.

    “To overcome conflicts it is necessary to be positive, objective, find common ground with the other party and look for shared benefits.

    How can you enjoy this content?

    Self-Development Course

    InfoComplete course in multimedia format, which combines theoretical concepts, approved by the most prestigious authors, the most effective techniques and methodologies and interactive resources with a huge pedagogical impact for learning about the skills, its benefits and key behaviour.
    Duration: 2 hours

    • Explanation by Antonio Fernández Aguado on the keys of conflict management.
    • Making students aware of the reasons why it is important to develop this skill.



    • Introduction.
      • Getting close to workplace conflicts.
    • Advantages of correctly managing conflicts.
    • Identify the conflict.
    • Results of a conflict.
      • Failed conflict.
      • Conflict resolved.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Reflect.
    • Key skill for managing interpersonal conflict.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
      • Causes of the conflict.
    • Who creates the conflict?
    • Different points of view or conflict?
      • How does our mood affect us in conflicts?
    • Keys for identifying conflicts.
    • Recognising the causes of the problem.
      • Basic aspects of the conflict.
      • Emotional self-control and analysis of key factors.
    • Key skills for identifying the elements of a conflict.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
    • Knowing how to identify the causes of conflict.
    • When an opinion becomes a conflict.
    • Internal dialogue.
      • What do I accept a joke from one colleague and not from another?
    • Avoiding conflicts.
    • Key skills for separating objective facts from the subjective.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
      • Focus points for resolving conflicts.
      • Common ground for resolving conflicts.
    • Looking for common ground.
      • Types of common ground.
    • Empathy and checking  information.
      • Partial agreement technique.
      • Common interests and risks technique.
    • Key skills for identifying common ground.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
    • Basic tips for winning.
      • Not losing sight of our goals.
      • Adopting less flexible measures.
      • Looking for a joint solution.
    • How to get a win-win?
      • How to overcome conflicts? According to Roger Fisher, cofounder of the Harvard method.
      • Profitability-recurrence technique.
    • Key behaviour for apply the skill, negotiating: win-win.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
    • Reasons why agreements aren’t kept.
    • How to generate commitment.
      • Ask for participation and opinions.
      • Praise involvement.
      • Carry out follow-ups.
        • Specific action plan.
    • Key skills for generating commitment and follow-ups.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Decalogue of good practices.
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