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Involving and delegating, the key tools for a leader

Guarantee the commitment and growth of your employees with effective delegation.

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  • What are the educational goals of the training course?

    This course of the Management And Leadership category aims to:

    • Provide the keys for involving and engaging team members to achieve that they want to do what they have to do.
    • Provide the necessary guidelines and procedures for delegating tasks, responsibilities and functions efficiently.
    • Reflect on the practical application of the behaviours for day to day success in the skill.

    Who is this course intended for?

    This course may be taken by any professional who wishes to develop their ability to involve collaborators and to delegate the tasks and functions they perform. Furthermore, it is also recommended for everyone wishing to learn the essential aspects of team involvement and delegation in order to broaden their knowledge on the skill, or because they want to make a qualitative leap in their professional career.

    What professional competences will you develop during the course?

    Achieve commitment from collaborators to perform their tasks independently, this enables task delegation and involves putting into play a series of skills and behaviours that will help to optimize efforts, and motivate them and will make them grow as professionals.
    In this course you will learn how to:

    • Create and foster a participatory culture.
    • Promote and reward.
    • Assess the potential of collaborators.
    • Delegate according to potential.
    • Convey the benefits.

    Who are the experts accompanying you on the training course?

    José Aguilar - GURU

    Managing Partner of MindValue and member of Top Ten Management Spain. He is also Manager of the Banco Santander - Nebrija Chair of Corporate Responsibility and head of the Chair of Human Behaviour in Organizations, at European Forum (Navarra Business School).

    "Leaders must give wings to their collaborators, give them confidence and gradually increase their responsibility framework."

    María Subrá - MANAGER

    Co-founder of Hedonai, medical-aesthetics centres.  Previously she was Press Officer for Warner Music Group, Chief of Protocol for the Ministry of Defence, Producer and Presenter for the EITB, and General Coordinator for the program “La clave” for Antena 3. In 2016 she received the AEFOL Prize for “Best Executive of the Year”.

    "Confidence is the key to achieving a team that flows."

    How can you enjoy this content?

    Self-development course

    Info: Complete course in multimedia format combining theoretical concepts endorsed by the most prestigious authors, the most effective techniques and methods and interactive resources with a great pedagogical impact for learning the skill, its benefits and key behaviours.
    Duration: 2 hours

    Training schedule


    Info: Sequence of training activities aimed at measuring and acquiring key behaviours to ensure comprehensive learning and implementation in the professional environment. You will be able to measure your level of knowledge and application of the skill, learn the theoretical concepts for developing positive habits, to practice the guidelines through real situations, transfer the concepts learned to your everyday life and to consolidate the key techniques of the skill. 
    Duration: 25 hours



    • Explanation by José Aguilar on the keys for engaging collaborators.
    • Making the student aware of the reasons why the development of this skill is recommended.



    • Introduction.
    • Benefits of collaborator involvement and delegation.
    • Key elements of commitment.
    • The "Service Profit Chain" philosophy.
    • Commitment and delegation by Ken Blanchard.
    • Analysis and diagnosis of collaborators.
    • Keys to involvement and engagement.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Collaborator and client commitment strategies.
    • Benefits of a participatory culture.
    • Internal marketing.
    • How to achieve a participatory culture?
    • Methods to encourage participation.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
      • Why bosses do not give more recognition?
    • Benefits of promotion and recognition.
    • Initiatives for recognizing collaborators.
    • Recognition.
    • Growth.
      • Actions for promoting growth through delegation.
      • Initiatives for improving growth and participation.
    • Key behaviours for promoting change according to B-Talent.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Aspects for assessing potential.
      • Assessing the potential according to Hersey and Blanchard.
    • Benefits of assessing the potential of collaborators.
    • The competency star.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Why is it difficult for us to delegate?
    • Basic principles of delegating.
    • Key behaviours for delegating according to B-Talent.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Adapt the message.
    • Stages of reactions to involvement.
      • Confusion.
      • Negation.
      • Resignation.
      • Acceptance.
    • Response procedure to reactions.
    • Key behaviours for convincing by providing benefits according to B-Talent.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Decalogue of good practices.
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