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Manage diversity in your work environment

Promote synergies of different generations, cultures and genres to achieve better results.

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  • What are the educational goals of the training course?

    This course of the High Performance Teams category aims to:

    • Provide the keys to enhancing the basic skills and knowledge for work and management of diverse and inclusive environments in order to foster innovation, creativity, efficiency and to avoid discriminatory or exclusionary conduct
    • Reflect on the practical application of the behaviours for day to day success in the skill.

    Who is this course intended for?

    This course can be taken by any professional who wants to remove barriers to diversity and equality and who wants to enhance their personal power to work efficiently in diverse environments. Furthermore, it is also recommended for everyone wishing to learn the essential aspects of diversity, multiculturalism and non-discrimination in order to broaden their knowledge on the skill, or because they want to make a qualitative leap in their professional career.

    What professional competences will you develop during the course?

    Managing diversity in teams requires putting into play a series of skills and behaviours which allow all obstacles and discrimination to be removed in order to squeeze out the full potential of people and to succeed in creating inclusive environments.
    In this course you will learn how to:

    • Understand how reality is created
    • Discover the diverse talent.
    • Remove barriers to diversity and equality.
    • Enhance your personal power to create happiness in a diverse environment.

    Who are the experts accompanying you on the training course?

    Maite Sarrió - GURU

    Doctor of Psychology and the founder of the Gender Consultancy Firm, INFINITA. She is currently lecturing on different programmes at businesses and universities: UJI Castellón (Agents of Equality Postgraduate Diploma), Universidad Politécnica Valencia, Florida (Citizenship School), FLACSO Argentina and the Latin American and Caribbean WIM Network in the Management of Organizations. She is also the coordinator of TEDxValencia.

    "Managing diversity is a strategy for turning an old problem into a competitive advantage."

    Carmen Polo - MANAGER

    HR Manager for Spain and member of the Board of Directors at AXA Seguros. She counts with more than 25 years of experience in the area of human resources and has recovered diverse managerial national responsibilities and internationally. She possesses wide experience in the management of the cultural change.

    Having teams that promote gender equality is a competitive advantage for business and a cultural growth factor for our collaborators.

    How can you benefit from this content?

    Self-development course

    InfoComplete course in multimedia format combining theoretical concepts endorsed by the most prestigious authors, the most effective techniques and methods and interactive resources with a great pedagogical impact for learning the skill, its benefits and key behaviours.
    Duration: 6 hours

    • Explanation from Maite Sarrió on the keys for managing diversity and inclusion.
    • Making the student aware of the reasons why the development of this skill is recommended.



    • Introduction.
    • Situations in which the link between diversity and innovation is made visible.
    • The patriarchy.
    • Definitions.
    • Benefits.
    • Keys for performing correct management of diversity and inclusion.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Benefits in understanding what the reality is.
    • Believe what you believe.
      • Process of creating realities.
    • The power of the culture.
    • The creation of collective reality: the "butterfly effect".
      • Patriarchal beliefs.
    • Personal disempowerment.
    • Disempowerment of companies.
    • How to create the empowerment process in two steps.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Benefits of talent management.
    • The iceberg of diversity.
    • Loden's wheel of diversity.
    • The MBI method for talent management:
      • Mapping the differences.
      • Building the bridge.
        • Attitudes necessary for building the bridge.
      • Integrate; build on differences to generate synergies.
      • Management of participation.
      • Conflict resolution.
      • Construction of ideas.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Benefits of removing barriers to diversity.
    • Know the barriers.
    • Internal barriers.
    • External barriers.
    • Keys for removing barriers.
      • Attention.
      • Intention.
    • Decalogue of inclusive language.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the behaviour.
    • Enhance personal power.
    • What does empower mean?
    • Intrapersonal skills.
      • Female and male skills.
    • Interpersonal skills.
    • Exercise of personal empowerment.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Decalogue of good practices.
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