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Therapy for organisational pathologies

Achieve a healthy organisation applying the best possible treatment for each organisational pathology.

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  • What are the educational goals of the training course?

    This course of the Top Management category aims to:

    • Provide keys for carrying out an objective diagnosis of the areas on which the company should focus to improve the health of the organisation and applying the necessary preventative, curative or palliative measures for such purpose.
    • Reflect on the practical application of the behaviour related to success regarding the skill in daily life.

    Who is this course intended for?

    This course can be taken by any professional who wants to learn about the model developed by Javier Fernández Aguado in which the most common possible problems and treatments in companies are identified, with a comparison to human disease.

    What professional competences will you develop during the course?

    Carrying out a good diagnosis and applying the right measures to correct deviations, problems and areas for improvement in the company means that you have to have a set skills that allow you to conduct a full diagnosis to determine where, when and how to act.
    In this course you will learn to:

    • Find out about types of organisational disease.
    • Overcome blind spots in the diagnosis.
    • Apply the right treatment for the disease.
    • Look for the correct help, according to the symptoms.

    Who are the experts accompanying you on the training course?


    Javier Fernández Aguado - GURU

    President of Grupo MindValue and Academic Manager of B-Talent. Thinker and speaker, he is considered one of the greatest contemporary experts in the Government of private individuals and organisations. He is a Senior Management coach, a member of Top Ten Management Spain and Top Ten Speakers Spain.

    “Accepting your own weakness is the first step towards achieving the strength you long for.”

    How can you enjoy this content?

    Self-Development Course

    InfoComplete course in multimedia format, which combines theoretical concepts, approved by the most prestigious authors, the most effective techniques and methodologies and interactive resources with a huge pedagogical impact for learning about the skills, its benefits and key behaviour.
    Duration: 6 hours

    • Javier Fernández Aguado explains the different diseases that your organisation may suffer from.
    • Making students aware of the reasons why it is important to develop this skill.



    • Introduction.
    • Name of the skill.
    • Types of disease.
    • Advantages.
    • Causes and symptoms.
    • Behaviour for diagnosing diseases.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
    • Criteria for classifying the main organisational pathologies.
    • Types of organisation diseases.
      • According to age.
      • According to severity.
      • According to cure possibilities.
      • According to the disease.
      • According to the causes.
      • According to size and property.
      • According to location.
      • According to functioning.
      • According to over or under nutrition.
      • According to frequency.
      • According to speed and duration.
      • According to property.
      • According to nationality.
      • According to purpose.
    • Key behaviour for differentiating organisational diseases according to B-Talent.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
      • Possible limits in executive visions.
    • Types of blind spots.
    • Types of bad blind spots.
      • Ignorance.
      • Lack of training.
      • Small scale.
      • Information overload.
      • Causes and symptoms of bad blind spots.
    • Keys for overcoming blind spots according to B-Talent.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Introduction to the skill.
    • Most common organisational diseases.
    • Advantages.
    • Types of treatment.
      • Preventative medicine.
      • Recovering common sense.
      • Curative: diagnosis and treatment.
      • Paliative.
    • Organisational diseases and the treatment.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.


    6. SEEK HELP

    • Introduction to the skill.
    • Advantages.
    • Coaching.
      • Trust.
      • Confidentiality.
      • Discipline.
      • Patience.
      • Humility.
    • Keys for finding help.
    • Self-evaluation of knowledge.
    • Remember that... Summary of key ideas.



    • Decalogue of good practices.

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