With the best guarantees

The top experts

Specialised gurus and experts with renowned professional prestige share their experiences and will guide you through the training.

Training in Spanish and English

Our catalog of competences is available in two languages Spanish and
English. Choose based on your preferences or the needs of your team.

The best formats

Have a unique training experience with a wide range of interactive multimedia resources: videos, infographics, scenes from films, podcasts, etc.

High impact learning

Our training is based on the highest scientific standards
and prestige of the market to guarantee the retention of knowledge.

Game-changing methodology

Our innovative educational model will help you to change your habits through training on specific behaviour patterns.

Multi-platform technology

Take advantage of the training however, whenever and wherever you like thanks to the latest technology that allows you to keep going in any place or situation.

Did you know that our courses might be completely free for you?

B-Talent University is part of the discounts programme from Fundación Tripartita (Act 30/2015, of 9 September, which regulates the Professional Training System for workplace employment) which has a financial support system for training workers. If you’re a professional and currently employed and you want to benefit from a cost reduction, get in contact with your HR department at work and find out about the terms and conditions.